How to take care of your Karolina Berg Jewellery

Got yourself something precious? How lovely! First of all, great choice. All of our jewellery are made by hand in recycled precious metals and carefully sourced materials. That means that they don't get worn out or loose their colour. If your jewellery get stains or scratches you can always polish it to get back it's original shine.

How to polish your jewellery:
The easiest way is to buy silver polish, this comes in a couple different options. There's silver dip, a kind of fluid that you dip your silver into that removes any kind of oxidation and other spots. But please be ware if your jewellery has a stone, some stones can get destroyed by these chemicals.

Other silver polishes comes in a more solid form and can be applied with a towel or piece of fabric. This removes oxidation and also polishes the surface a little bit.

If your jewellery gets a deeper scratch we recommend that you go to a silversmith or goldsmith to get it removed. We do also offer this service for customers in Sweden. Please contact us via email or fill in the form under "contact" and send a picture so we can estimate the cost.

How to store your jewellery:
We recommend that you keep your jewellery in the box that it came in. If the jewellery is put in a pile with other jewellery it will most likely get scratched and matted.